About Us

TopGear Consultants Pvt Ltd. was founded in 2005 with a distinctive vision and structure aimed at achieving two basic goals – to place our clients’ interests first and to lead our profession in creating value for our clients through the assessment and recruitment of top-level management resources.

TopGear Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is an executive search Company with primary focus on search and recruitment of Topnotch professionals at Senior management level across industries .Since our founding in 2005, TopGear Consultants has been the preferred recruitment partner for top MNCs, and today has evolved as the India’s premier provider of talent management solutions.

Finding skilled resources and retaining them is a challenge that many companies face. We at TopGear Consultants with experience in Executive search, Human Resource Management and Consulting help you find the right candidates for your company.

We have a very simple business philosophy which is to serve both the clients and applicants honestly and efficiently at all times.